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 I'm constantly having new ideas and some of them overflow the musical side .

 I dedicate myself to other projects, in an artistic way. and it become a mixture of art and other areas.

 I feel happy that I have already managed to make some of them come true. 


O Artista

"O Artista" (The Artist) is a movement in support of art and the artist whose mascot is a bottle of wine.

Each edition represents the work and expression of each artist, whether in the bottle or at the presentation event.

The money raised by sales reverts directly to the artist of each edition.


You can see what happened in past editions in:


 Hey H0! it's an eco-fashion clothes and acessories brand. This "made in Portugal" brand is popular for linking the music community and the organic clothing world. 

  For those who like to have a rocker style and preserve the planet, here you have it : 

LDO - Learn Drums Online

LDO is a specialized educational platform for those who want to learn drums and percussion in the comfort of their own homes. Therefore, classes are exclusively online, through Streamings, Videos, Lives, Zoom / Skype meetings, Podcasts,


A man, a drum, a television and a stage.
They take you on a virtual journey back to the 40s & 50s, reminding you of the best that television has taught us about the disease of consumerism and comfort, with a chill out vibe, so that you
can get rid of the irony and sarcasm of serious things.

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